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El Paso Litho Plate Co., Inc. offers a variety of professional services for your printing needs. El Paso Litho Plate is the southwest's only highly trained, third party field service organization specializing in quality, on-site service and installations of name-brand press and prepress equipment like Ryobi, Challenge, Baum, Duplo, ECRM, and Plateware. When you're ready to buy new or used equipment, or ready to upgrade your existing equipment, call El Paso Litho Plate. We can integrate a complete package at a competitive price and provide factory certified service to keep your equipment running smoothly.

For over 57 years, El Paso Litho Plate has been able to install and service all of the equipment we sell, as well as provide professional training.

Please call us at 915-542-1969 with any service inquiries.


We have a large stock of supplies, including plates, blankets, chemistry, and ink. Please call for a price quote.



Used Equipment

Rollem Numbering Machine

Anitex Plate Processor: $1,000

B. Bacher 2042 Plate Punch: $800

Glunz and Jensen Multiline Film Processor, 120 Watts, model EPC72 $3,950

Ryobi 2800 with Kompac Dampeners: $8,500

ACME manual stapler

Glunz and Jensen Multiline Film Processor, 120 Watts, model EPC72 $3,950

Glunz and Jensen Multiline Film Processor, 120 Watts, model EPC72 $3,950


El Paso Litho Plate Co., Inc was founded by Manuel S. Martinez in January of 1953. Mr. Martinez and his wife created the first trade shop in El Paso, Texas. His starting capital was a two year savings of $500.00. He used part of this money to purchase a lens to attach to a bellow he made of cardboard and cloth. A bicycle chain was used to move the bellow into focus and size. He converted a phonograph to serve as a plate coater and his exposure frame was made of wood, glass, foam, and the least expensive light source available...the sun!

El Paso Litho Plate serviced Southwest Texas, southern New Mexico and Northern Mexico. He offered negatives and plate making to offset printers. From day one, he found success. His first customer, Spanish Baptist Publishing House, had an offset press but no pressman. Mr. Martinez was an offset pressman by trade, so he made and sold them plates by day, and ran their press by night, usually until midnight. He worked out of his mother-in-law's garage for six months. By then he had raised enough money to purchase a new camera and exposure frame, and move into a larger better facility. There he began selling offset presses. His press customers became plate-buying customers. He decided to add printing supplies to compliment his press sales. He eventually stopped making plates and negatives and began selling graphic arts supplies. Over the years, the service department became factory trained by many equipment providers. These service technicians have become his best salesmen. El Paso Litho Plate now sells and services all types of printing equipment and supplies including: small duplicators, large offset presses, bindery and finishing equipment, digital printers and image-setters.

In 1989 the El Paso Chamber of Commerce awarded El Paso Litho Plate for making the Top 500 Hispanic Business in the country. El Paso Litho Plate Co., Inc has earned a reputation of being the areas leader in providing service, printing equipment, and supplies. Mr. Martinez believes that you are only as good as the people that work for you.

"The majority of our success is due greatly in part to my son, Eduardo Martinez. As President, his knowledge and expertise made El Paso Litho Plate what it is today. His untimely death in August of 2004 has only increased our efforts to continue serving our community in the graphic arts area even more, " says Mr. Martinez.

"Robert Colmenero, now President, and Betty Castaneda, Office Manager, have been very dependable and invaluable to our company. It doesn't seem like 52 years have gone by. However, if you enjoy your job, time passes quickly. El Paso Litho Plate is proof that with ambition and hard work, 52 years of success is possible."


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